The Relationship School® is a global movement to help humans learn how to have safe, sexy, successful romantic relationships. Times are intense and we want to promote the timeless message of LOVE with your help. By rocking our shirts, hats and products, you take a stand for love and you help us educate humanity about the importance of working out our differences respectfully. Basically we’re making the world a better place through the powerful vehicle of promoting smart, healthy love relationships.

For every product bought, we donate 2% to help a teen or young adult get educated about romantic relationships.

You can read more about our mission and our goal of reaching 1 million teens and young adults as well as get educated yourself on our main website.

Please note: This store is our "beta" test version. Down the road, we'd like our products to be organic and eco-friendly which will increase the prices of our shirts. Right now we are in test mode to see if you'll like these fun products. Once we get feedback on how well it does, we'll explore more sustainable options. Thanks for understanding.